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Thrift is what we call the small pieces of wood that are created when the wood is split into logs.

Well seasoned wood creates quite a lot of thrift.

Some of this is transferred from the log processor to the trailer or storage box and ends up at the bottom of the log delivery.

The photo above shows the thrift from a customer's standard load in 2 containers.

We recommend having a box, bucket, bag or even a wheelbarrow handy when we deliver so the small pieces can be picked out for you.

(We don't recommend a plastic bag because the thrift has some moisture in it and will sweat if shut in a bag!)

If you really like using thrift, we also sell it. 

This is thrift we have collected from around the log processor.

We can supply bags of thrift when we deliver your firewood, just ask for it when you place your order.

If you only need bags of thrift, we can deliver it when we have another firewood order in your area, or you can arrange to come and collect it from us.

Because of the nature of this product, we cannot guarantee we always have stock of thrift, but endeavour to do so.


We are trying to source an alternative packaging to the plastic nets. 

Currently we supply thrift in used plastic feed sacks.  These contain more thrift than a net, so are better value. 

We would appreciate being able to tip out the thrift when we deliver so we can take the sacks away to refill (preferable),

or leave them with you to collect at a later date.


Thrift is great for getting heat fast.  Because the pieces are quite small, you need to put several pieces on at once.  There is a lot of surface area and that enables the fire to take hold easily and burn quickly, producing a lot of heat.


Thrift is also great as a kindling substitute,

but does require a bit more skill to get the fire started with it.

£ light bulb.jpg

We use about a boxful every time we light the fire.

(the photo shows the box in front of our just-lit fire.)

Thrift is great for your chimenea... lights easily and burns hot.'s excellent value for money.
...there's no need for kindling.


I use it in our chimenea, with some of the little loglets that are often in the thrift bags.

For warmth, the thrift is excellent.

For cooking, I've found the loglets give a steadier flame.

(Looking forward to lots more cooking practice on it.) 

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