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Due to an administrative error (I ordered the wrong sized boxes!),

kindling will be in smaller boxes - 9" x 6" x 12"

at the lower price of £4.20 including VAT, while we use up the box stock.


The kindling comes in a 9" x 9" x 12" box.

The kindling is cut from locally sourced chestnut and pallet wood (heat treated only).

The sticks are approximately 20cm ( 8") in length.

No fancy equipment here, we cut it all and box it up by hand.


We can supply kindling when we deliver your firewood, just ask for it when you place your order.

If you only need kindling, we can deliver it when we have another firewood order in your area, or you can arrange to come and collect the kindling from us.

We are no longer putting labels on our kindling boxes,

to save paper, plastic and ink.

Our box tape is also plastic free.

Instructions for use can be found below.



How to use
Place 1 or 2 firelighters in the middle of the fire grate. 
Make a pyramid of kindling around them.
Carefully light the firelighters.

Safety First
Always keep away from children and pets.
Do not leave unattended.