As part of our continual efforts to provide you with quality products and services, we are now selling boxes of natural wood firelighters.

These are wax coated twists of shredded wood, providing an eco-friendly and odourless method of starting your fire, BBQ, pizza oven or chimenea.

The are manufactured in the UK from sustainable wood sources.

If you are concerned with using petroleum based firelighters, then these may be the perfect alternative.

Each box contains 75 twists.

We are no longer putting labels on our boxes.  This is to save paper, plastic and ink.

Instructions for use can be found below.



How to use
Place 1 or 2 firelighters in the middle of the fire grate. 
Make a pyramid of kindling around them.
Carefully light the firelighters.

Safety First
Always keep away from children and pets.
Do not leave unattended.


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