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  1. To comply with Government Regulations, we are unable to sell less than 2cu.m loose loads of logs.

  2. To comply with Government Regulations, we are required to give all customers the following statement (exactly as issued by the Government) with all wood loads:
    "This wood is not suitable for burning until is has been dried.  You should not burn wood until is has a moisture content of 20% or less.
    Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt.  As well as being harmful to your health and the environment, this can damage your stove and chimney and is an inefficient way to heat your home.  Dry it in a sunny, well-aired space for at least two years, keeping rain off in the winter.
    Radial cracks and bark that comes off easily suggests wood that is ready for burning.  Test the wood when you think it is ready for burning, ideally with a moisture meter.  First calibrate the meter and then measure a freshly split surface to get the best reading."


  3. The firewood loads are made up of a mixture of different hardwoods that we have in stock, unless you have specified otherwise when placing your order.  There may be an additional charge but this will have been explained to you at the time of ordering.

  4. We will have asked you if the firewood is for a wood burning stove or an open fire.
    This is so we can minimise the risk of any chestnut being added to loads for an open fire.
    Chestnut is a hardwood, and burns well, but it can pop, which is why it is only included in loads for stoves.
    If you have a stove and burn with the DOORS OPEN, please notify us when ordering.

  5. Log size.
    You will have been asked to supply the maximum log length you require when ordering.
    This is the length of log that will fit into your stove or grate. 
    If you are unsure, please email us a photo with a ruler in the stove/grate and we can advise.
    If you give us the wrong log length and find when we deliver they do not fit your fire, there will be a minimum charge of £40 for
    re-loading the logs, cutting another load to the correct size and re-scheduling another delivery slot.

    We will, as far as possible, ensure that the firewood you receive are no longer than the length you quoted.
    Some logs will be shorter than this length.  These logs are the ends of each length of stock wood being cut.
    If you want all your logs to be the quoted length, there will be an additional charge for this.

    The wood comes in a variety of diameters, some logs are small enough not to need to be split, others will be split in half, others into quarters or more.  
    Because of the nature of wood, it does not always split uniformly and some logs may be an unusual shape.
    We endeavour to ensure there is a variety of sized wood in each load, but this does depend on what wood we have in stock

    There will be a certain amount of thrift in each load - this are the splinterings that occur during processing.  This is fantastic to use to start or revive the fire.  We recommend having a container ready for us to put the thrift in during delivery.

    We cannot supply logs less than 8" (20cm) or greater than 24" (60cm)  in length or unsplit.


  6. Delivery.
    All Deliveries:
    We cannot transfer your firewood into or through your property (house or conservatory).
    We also reserve the right to refuse to stack your firewood if the route to the stacking area is across unsuitable surfaces, such as deep gravel, steep inclines or steps.  

    Stacked Deliveries:
    We must be able to push the wheelbarrows to the log storage area and there must be sufficient space around the store for the wheelbarrow and the person stacking the logs.
    Narrow gateways and alleyways with tight turns where you can't easily push a fully loaded wheelbarrow are not acceptable.
    Log stores kept in tight areas where there isn't room to easily kneel down and have a wheelbarrow alongside are not acceptable.

    Tip Only Deliveries:
    Please ensure that you have clear vehicular access to the area where the firewood is to be tipped.
    If logs have to be transported by wheelbarrow, even if they are not stacked, this does not constitute a Tip Only Delivery.


  7. We recommend using a log store for your firewood.  If you don't have a log store, we will stack to the best of our ability. 
    As a rule, we will only stack to a safe height, less than 1m high and will stack 2 or more rows deeps to ensure the log pile is sturdy.
    We do not accept liability for any damage or injury that may occur if the log pile falls over after we have completed the delivery and left your premises.
    If you request a log stack to be higher or with less rows than we recommend, we cannot be held accountable for the stability of the stack.
    Please do not abuse our stacking service, by asking for logs to be stacked in lots of different places. 
    We understand if the load doesn't all fit in the log store, you may want the rest stacked in a shed or garage, but we are not willing to stack your order in lots of different nooks and crannies around your property.


  8. Payment for goods must be made before delivery or when we arrive, unless there is an agreement PRIOR TO DELIVERY DATE.
    If payment has not been made prior to delivery and you are not available to pay when we arrive and we haven't been notified before arrival, we may leave without unloading.
    There will be a minimum charge of £20 for wasted time and you will have to re-book your delivery.


  9. We endeavour to provide the best service possible but cannot give exact delivery times.
    You will be given an estimated arrival time window (for example: between 9am and midday) when you receive your invoice.

    Our day starts at 8am so we will not arrive with your delivery before this time.
    If we will not arrive in the delivery window, we will contact you as soon as we can to notify you.
    We will deliver all orders even if it means delivering after 5pm or in the dark.
    In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or vehicle breakdown, we may not be able to deliver when arranged.  We will notify you as soon as possible if this is the case.


  10. We hold on record details of your name, address, telephone number(s), log information, order information and email details.
    We do not share this information with anyone.
    If you do not wish us to hold this information, please let us know.


  11. If there is a lapse of over 2 years since your last order, we archive your records.  You are then considered a NEW CUSTOMER if you contact us again.

  12. We reserve the right to refuse to supply firewood to any customer. 
    Examples of the reasons for this: unsuitable behaviour towards us, continual poor payment or unsuitable delivery conditions.
    (these are just some examples and not an exhaustive list.)

last updated: 31/January/2022

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