Firewood isn't cheap and it's likely to keep on getting more expensive.

Below are our suggestions on how to look after your firewood, so you can get the best out of it.


Find a reputable supplier near you.

Ask where they source their stocks from and how they look after it.


Decide on where you are going to store your wood.

The two main points are easily shown in our diagram     above - a roof overhead and keep the wood up off the ground.

Your logs are best stored in a proper log store, with 

enough space. 
It doesn't want to be located in draughty damp alley, with gutters leaking all over it.
It should be located where you can easily access the logs.

It doesn't want to be shrouded in plastic, where it

can't breathe. 


Stock rotation.

Use your oldest wood first.
Make sure your log store is big enough so you don't have to stack new logs in front of the old ones.


Buy your wood early.

Don't wait until the weather is cold to order your logs.  Order them in the spring and summer. This gives them plenty of time to get nice and dry.


Don't buy too much (or too little) wood.

It may seem like a good idea to 'stock up'. 

But think about how much wood you use over the winter season.  There is no point buying more than you need - the wood started decomposing as soon as it's cut down.  And you don't want to find your firewood supplies have all rotted away.


Don't forget to use all the thrifty bits.

Thrift is just the splintered bits of wood.  They are  excellent for getting the fire started - a great alternative/addition to kindling.     


And while we are talking about kindling - where does your kindling come from?  It is wrapped in plastic or come in a plastic net?

And keep your kindling dry - really dry.  You'll use less  to start your fire and it will start more easily.


And what do you use to light your kindling?

If you use firelighters, what are they made of?

Do you really want to use a petroleum based one?

There are more ecological options around.


Keep you chimney swept.
Your fire will burn better if you have it swept regularly. 

Your sweep will tell you of any problems with your chimney and fire, saving you money and possibly your life.


And finally...

Do you really need to light the fire?

Do you already have the central heating on?

Are you suitably dressed?  We're not suggesting wearing coats, gloves and hats indoors, but do you need the house so hot you have to wear shorts and a T-shirt?

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