Maybe this isn't what you automatically thought of when you clicked on this website.
But in keeping with the woody theme of the services on offer, I can provide bespoke pieces of work, decorated by engraving and wood burning.

Read on, for an insight in to why I do this and to see photos of some of the items that have been created.

A bit of history about the craft and the tools I use.

Wood burning, or pyrography to give it the proper name, is an ancient skill.  It has probably been around since man discovered fire!
During the Victorian era, the designs were created by placing pokers into a fire to heat up.
Nowadays, there are two main tools used, the solid tip iron - like a soldering iron, and the changeable tip pen.

I have both types, but predominantly use the changeable tip pen.

For the engraving, I use a handheld mini rotary tool.

Treasured keepsakes, memories of happy times or friends sadly missed.
Beautiful items which open our hearts and minds to wonderful memories.


Personalised plaques to remember a beloved pet.

Milly was a cat who enjoyed sitting on whatever you were trying to read, so here she is partly covering her own name.

Items with a sense of fun, to be enjoyed for many years.

A wall sign for an entrance hall that had been nicknamed "the Waiting Room", a door hanger for Grace (with a passion for Mickey Mouse), a colourful koi carp coaster (using the natural lines in the wood to create the ripples), a bamboo coaster and a Christmas Santa freestanding ornament.

Practical Items that are beautiful to look at and a joy to use.

A hand crafted wooden crate, made from a pallet.  And filled with goodies for a chocolate lover.

A house sign.

A house sign with a cat silhouette.

Etched and burnt into a piece of sycamore.

A wooden pendant, with the letters etched and burned.

A bug hotel, a must have for any gardener.

A set of personalised coasters.

Burnt into sycamore.

A set of placemats and coasters.

I designed and burnt these onto sycamore blanks.

In total, these took over 30 hours to produce!

This is just a selection of some of the things I have made.

I love to create beautiful things from wood that is often destined for the scrap bin - offcuts, pallets, floorboards or skirting.

I love to create beautiful things that are practical, useful and a joy, that fulfill a need and a purpose.


I don't have a workshop full of items waiting to be sold, I make items to order.

Please visit my website:  www.DWbySuze.co.uk

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