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Check out our most commonly asked questions

When is the best time to have my order delivered?

Excellent question.

We recommend having your firewood delivered between May and August and storing it in a suitable log store.

This gives the logs time to mature before you need them for your fire.

Is your wood kiln dried?

The short answer is No.

All our wood is stored outside in stacks until it has seasoned and every load is cut to order, usually less than a week before delivery.

Can you guarantee the wood is less than 20% moisture?

No.  We recommend purchasing your logs in the summer and storing them in a suitable log-store before using in the winter.

Is the wood seasoned?

Yes.  We store the wood either ride side or in the yard to season before cutting into logs.

My delivery is due today and it's raining.  Will you still be coming?

Yes.  We deliver whatever the weather.

If we can't deliver as arranged, we will be in touch.

My delivery is due today and it's getting dark. Will you still be coming?

Yes.  During the winter months, when it gets dark early, we run out of daylight, but we will still deliver.

If we can't deliver as arranged, we will be in touch.

Why have I only got an AM or PM delivery?

We can't give exact time slots with so many variables - traffic, loading time, stacking/tipping time.

We try to give a smaller window of time when we can.

Do I have to be at home when you deliver?

If we can get access to your storage area for stacking deliveries and we know where you want the logs stacked/tipped, no you don't have to be at home.

We recommend you are at home for Tip Only deliveries, just so you can get the logs stored away quickly in case of rain or theft.

I want my logs this week, why do I have to wait?

We would love to be able to deliver logs at a moment's notice, but because we cut the logs to order and with only the two of us to do everything, this isn't possible.

Our service is designed to supply you with the quality logs at the correct size for you.

Can you wheelbarrow the logs into my back garden and just tip them?

Yes, but this will not be a Tip Only delivery, you will be charged the stacking price.

You will only supply Tip Only, why won't you stack?

The reason(s) will be explained to you, but usually it is because there is unsuitable terrain for the wheelbarrows - such as deep gravel, steps or a slippery surface, such as mud or decking.  This is health and safety for us.  If we hurt ourselves, we can't work.

Why do you want me to empty my log store before you arrive?

We recommend this so you can use your existing log supply first.  

Wood is a living thing and it decomposes over time.  Leave a log too long and it won't give you the best burn, or may even be too rotten to burn at all.

Do I have to have a log store?

No, but it is the best for your logs.  You can also store them in a shed or garage, as long as it isn't damp or wet underfoot.

We don't recommend storing your logs outside, even under a tarpaulin.

Lots of trees are being cut down because of ash die-back.  Will my logs be cheaper because there's so much wood around?

Unfortunately not. 

Our suppliers are not discounting the cost of the wood to us - they still have to pay to have the wood cut down for them.

In fact, with some of the wood being affected by the ash die-back, we are actually paying more per load of log-able wood.

How do I pay for my order?

I send your invoice via email.  There is a link on the invoice where you can pay using Paypal or a debit/credit card.

There is also our bank details, so you can pay by bank transfer.

We will accept cash on delivery, but this has to be pre-arranged.

We can't accept card payments over the phone or at the time of delivery.

How do I book a delivery?

You can use our online order form and I will email you back, or you can send an email directly.

You can phone and leave a message and I will get back to you, but online is preferred.

After we have agreed a delivery date and I have all the information I need to process your order, I send you and Order Confirmation.  It is very important that you check all the details and notify me of any errors.  This is the information we will be using to process your order.

At the beginning of each week, I email out an invoice for the deliveries that week.

You check the details and make payment.  If you want to pay by cash, contact me as soon as possible.

If we don't receive payment by 6pm the day before delivery, we may not load up your order.

I will contact you that evening to check you received the invoice and remind you payment is required.

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